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More than 70 hotels around Australia trust Global Hospitality Solutions to meet their outsourcing requirements. Our highly skilled team of 2,000+ work hard to make your business look its best, and we’ll make business easy for you with our flexible range of solutions. Talk to us today to find out how you can benefit from the efficiencies and cost savings of partnering with one specialised hospitality provider.

Why us

A complete solution

Our expertise means we can meet all of your outsourcing requirements

Tailored to your business

Flexible solutions tailored to meet your company’s needs

Experience you can trust

Respected local and prestigious brands rely on our 20 years of experience

Highly trained, reliable staff

With our reputation for quality we help you maintain the highest standards


Global Hospitality Solutions aims to become part of your team in the way that suits your business the best.

Fully outsourced

Outsourcing of the entire department to an external provider, e.g. Housekeeping, Engineering, Security.

Partially outsourced

A model whereby a company decides to outsource the majority of a department however selects to retain key roles.

Full transition

In this model, the client requires the outsourced company to take on all the existing staff, including responsibility for the leave entitlements, workers compensation and other employee benefits.

Top-up service

Partial outsourcing with additional staff to cover shortfalls in workload. Beneficial to hotels that experience a seasonal increase in occupancy or are looking to transition to the fully outsourced model.

Whether you’re looking to fully or partially outsource a department, for us to manage all of your existing staff, or to be there to help cover workload variations, Global Hospitality Solutions can help. With the option that suits you best, we’ll help your business save money and to become more efficient.

What we do
Providing over 15 years of continuous housekeeping and Public Area services to large national hotel groups
Building relationships with new partners across Australia’s network of hotels
Fitting out new build and refurbishment of hotels in the 4-5 star market
Providing 5 star housekeeping services to Urban hotel developments, from pre clean to opening and beyond